Andrea Dulko

I'm a UX designer with a passion building new products and experimenting along the way

At Google, I manage designers across Docs and Slides. I work closely with my product and engineering counterparts to craft inspirational visions and build actionable roadmaps for each these products.

Below is a brief summary of my UX experience, including some back-in-the-day jams :)


UX lead, August 2014 - present

Since 2014, I’ve contributed to G Suite through a mix of complex design work, product planning, and UX team management.



Explore, which launched in September 2016, is a hub for intelligent suggestions within Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. It provides a familiar way to surface very different types of content across different apps.

In addition to helping define the Explore strategy and user experience, I led design for Slides layout suggestions. This feature intelligently surfaces professional side design ideas based on a slide's content and allows users to apply them in a single-click.

Press: Forbes, VentureBeat


Activity dashboard

Google Docs Activity dashboard provides actionable insights about a document's view history and is accessible across Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

As UX lead, I was responsible for working with our research team to understand user provacy expectations and design both customer and administrator-facing experiences.

Press: The Verge9to5Google




Slides Q&A

Google Slides Q&A allows users to accept and display audience questions. Thanks to the up/down-vote feature, presenters always know which answers an group will find most valuable. The project involved designing separate presenter and audience experiences for iOS, Android, mobile web, and desktop.

Press: Google blogTechCrunch, EdSurge

Spies & Assassins

UX lead, 2013 - 2014

Spies was the newness lab within the agency, KBS. My ITP background and love of tinkering made joining this group of "thinkers, makers, innovators, and collaborators," an easy choice. 


Dick's Sporting Goods

For their Sports Matter initiative, Dick's wanted a crowd funding platform where underfunded youth sports teams could apply to be featured and, upon acceptance, raise the funds they needed. Spies took on the task of building a custom solution and I designed for administrator, team, and donor-facing experiences. My role involved product concept advisement and site map, wireframes, and detailed spec creation.



HomeGoods did not want to get into e-commerce, but they did want to have a digital presence. "The Goods," gives HomeGoods super-fans a way to see new items at their favorite locations and even communicate local employees. Customers can check the app and head over to the store confident there is something there that they want. I led design for two mobile apps (one customer and one associate-facing) and a desktop admin experience.


Interaction designer, 2011 - 2013

At Huge, I helped concept and rapidly prototype solutions for clients including Lowe's, Comcast, Pizza Hut, and Kirsch.


Lowe's Home Improvement

This client was very open to pushing what's possible. During my time at Huge, I had the opportunity to design for several Lowe's mobile features including their in-store product locator and customer and employee in-store mobile checkout experiences.



My work for Comcast was another chance to contribute to tools that truly save countless hours of time across millions of users. The mobile QuickPay experience is one example where we helped alleviate the pain of detailed information entry of a mobile devices by introducing new input mechanisms that harness OCR and streamlined flows that eliminate unecessary steps.


Technical producer, 2009 - 2011

As part of an innovation team responsible for creating interactive experiences for the networks of NBC, I worked with talent on projects ranging from SMS audience polls to AR and even some creative writing (like this Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights choose your own-adventure... spooky!)



A set-top-box concept allowed MSNBC subscribers to access on-demand video, answer interactive polls, and have their home-base for news and stock quotes one click away on the big screen. Since the platform was fairly restrictive, this project is a great example of "designing within constraints" :) My role was to create wireframes and concept mocks to gain leadership buy-in.



OxygenLive allowed fans to access exclusive photos, video clips, and even watch their favorite programs along with the show's stars. Using a third party video provider, talent including Tori Spelling could stream themselves watching and reacting to premier episodes and answer user-submitted questions. My role involved helping define and scope the product as well as oversee vendors through launch. 


Interaction design

Product visioning

Software prototyping

Physical computing/hardware prototyping


MPS - 2009

Parsons School of Design
BFA - 2005